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Destination Management Company (DMC)
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For the purpose of a passenger’s maximum comfort, time and force saving the company «Business Travel Group» offers to make use of VIP hall services which works around the clock.

  1. Registration of passengers and their luggage at separate registration desks.
  2. Passing customs and passport controls out of turn.
  3. Individual accompany of passengers from VIP hall to the place of airplane stand, organization of passengers’ boarding and loading luggage into the airplane.
  4. Meeting passengers individually upon exiting the airplane and their accompanying to the airport VIP-hall.
  5. Unloading luggage from the airplane, transporting and handing it over to passengers.
  6. Registration of shipment documents.
  7. Providing passengers with necessary information about departures/arrivals.
  8. Providing passengers with newspapers and magazines out of charge.
  9. TV services rendering.
  10. Providing snacks, beverages and drinks in assortment for extra pay.
  11. Rendering first medical and other necessary aids.
  12. Finding a passenger in the hall prior to the boarding announcement when the flight is delayed.

A passenger arrived is met by an airport officer at the airplane ladder or near the «tube» (it depends on the flight) with a «VIP» tablet (ex. Airport Sheremetievo 2. At the airport Sheremetievo 2 airport officer waits for the passenger in the transit zone near the column and a ladder leading down to the passport control. This column is matched with a red-colored sign with the word «VIP» on it (big golden letters). All of the passengers arrived exit the plane along the «tube» and go long the passage towards the stairs leading downstairs to the passport control in the general hall. Passengers of VIP hall do not need to go down; they should go to a VIP hall dispatcher who meets them in front of this column). The passenger should tell his/her surname and direction of arrival. If the passenger has luggage, dispatcher will take luggage tickets. When all VIP passengers come up to the place of meeting, they go by a van to the VIP hall together with the dispatcher. To leave the airfield independently is strictly forbidden! Since 27.02.2008 a passenger should hand over a passport to the Passport Control. After Border Service VIP hall officer make an arrival stamp a passenger can pass to VIP hall. If a passenger have something subject to declaration or cash currency (even in small size), he/she should fill in a declaration. According to the customs rules a passenger is entitled to export from the country only currency which he/she includes to the declaration upon arrival to the country. A passenger can wait for his/her luggage in any suitable place of the VIP hall. When luggage is ready, it is announced through PA system and the luggage is taken to the ground flour of the VIP hall (ex. Airport Sheremetievo 2. A passenger can receive luggage on the second floor under the VIP hall balcony). Delivery of passenger’s luggage to a car is not included in the price of the VIP hall service.

Upon appearance in the airport the passenger should go into the VIP hall and he should tell his/her name, his/her surname and the flight number to the guardian in the VIP hall (ex.a/p Domodedovo. You should also tell this information at the registration desk). Accompanying person also can enter VIP hall. If a passenger is accompanied by security service he needs to know that entrance to the VIP hall with arm is forbidden. A passenger needs to arrive to the airport not later then in 1, 5 hour before the flight because the registration is ended up in 40-50 minutes. Before the flight a passenger has to fill in a customs declaration and pass customs control. Then the passenger passes registration to the flight. The passport and boarding pass are passed to passport control before boarding. Then the passenger settles down in the VIP hall until announcing the boarding an airplane (20-30 minutes before the flight). Free of charge VIP Hall facilities: telephone with a city-line, newspapers and magazines. But food, beverages and alcohol drinks is made for extra pay. Upon passenger is in a DUTY FREE he can’t return to VIP hall. After announcing the boarding you need to come to a transit zone. A VIP hall dispatcher accompanies you up to the airplane ladder.

We remind you that some paintings, jewelry, antique demand special permission for export or is prohibited for export from the country. As for animals, we ask you to let us know beforehand about their transportation because in this case the time of registration to the flight increases. We also remind you that there is list of goods (alcohol, tobacco goods, black and red caviars) strictly limited per one person.
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