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ENSochiActive restAll inclusive adventure summer tours 
       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

Programmes offer various traveling opportunities: walking tours, canyoning, jeeping, helicopter tours to mountains, sitting by the camp fire and parties at a restaurant, sleeping in tents and hotels*** — all this can be experienced during one tour.

Wild rivers, waterfalls and canyons, old caravan paths, heavy thicket of national park, Alpine meadows and highland lakes, mountain peaks, covered with snow, glaciers, sleeping in a cottage, sitting by the fire at night together with shepherds...These are tours for real adventure fans.

Program 1: “Following ancient caravan paths”

7 nights/8 days

8 days, each of them is not like any other. The route follows ancient caravan paths. You will experience all kinds of travelling, visit Caucausian national park, see Narzan mineral springs and highland lakes, will go rafting, go through canyons and caves and take a snow-white yacht trip, which you will never forget.

Day 1: Arrival to the Adler airport in Sochi. Transfer to Krasnaya Polyana. Mountain road, exciting mountain peaks. Accomodation at a hotel. Here is your trip starts. Dinner at the restaurant. Meeting with guides, presentation of the programme.

Day 2: Tracking to highland lakes (7 hours). Several hours by cross-country vehicle (15 km) along mountain camp to beech wood area. Walking along old forest toting road (10 km) to the Khmelevskie lakes, which are situated in Alpine meadows. You can pick up blackberry, dewberry and mushrooms along the way. You will reach an observatory point at the spurs of the Achishkho mountain, which is called “meteorological station”. Here you will see another two lakes with crystal-clear water. Field lunch. After a light snack and rest you will go to the Achishkho shelter (5 km). Coming down along exciting mountain trail "Khokhotunchik" is full of impressions. Coming back to the hotel along old Cherkess gardens. Then dinner and sleeping at a cottage.

Day 3: You will visit a ski resort and take a trip along the rope way. Tracking to the Aibga range (2224 m) (6 km) will take 4 hours. Alpine meadows, summer snow, view of the Main Caucausian Range peaks. If the weather is good, you will be able to see the Elbrus. Breakfast and dinner at a cottage, field lunch. Sleeping at a cottage.

Day 4: Rafting up a mountain river (2,5 hours). Nature itself selects your route: narrow canyons with rocky shores and wide valleys, which present a stunning view of surrounding mountains. Transfer to the Psakho canyon. Visit to the canyon. Breakfast at a cottage, dinner by the camp fire. Sleeping in tents.

Day 5: Offroad mountain jeeping with overcoming of rivers and passages. The route goes through small mountain settlements and canyons of the former ancient caravan path, which connected mountain regions with the coast (25 km). Visit to the Vorontsovsky Caves — one of the longest caves in Russia. Length of some cave passages reaches 12 km. Amazing and mystic cave world, in which eternal peace and darkness reigns. The group takes a 3 hours tour along large circle. After lunch it goes through the Navalishensky Canyon in full outfit. Field breakfast/lunch. Transfer to a hotel at the sea shore. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 6: Sea rest. Daily activities: a yacht trip along the Black Sea Coast, swimming in open sea and fishing. Dinner at a sea tavern.

Day 7: Sea rest. Visit to the tower of the Akhun mountain (5 hours, 40 km), which gives a panoramic view of the whole Sochi resort and surrounding mountains, trip to the Orlynye Rocks, the Akhunskaya Cave, the Agour Waterfalls. Breakfast and dinner in the hotel, lunch en route.

Day 8: Breakfast at a hotel. Departure for the airport “Adler”.

Program 2: «Extreme week-end» — Krasnaya Polyana (Red Meadow)

2 nights/3 days

3 days, each of them is unlike any other. Rafting up a raucous mountain river, a trip to hard-to-reach Alpine meadows by cross-country vehicles, swimming in highland lakes, and, it goes without saying, hot shashlyk and odour of pure Caucausian wine!

Day 1: Arrival to Sochi, transfer to Krasnaya Polyana, accommodation at a hotel or a cottage, meeting with guides, presentation of the programme. Rafting along the Mzymta river. A mountain river is not to be conquered by anyone. Only a strong, close-knit team can accomplish a route with lots of rapids, sharp turnings and rocky cliffs.

Day 2: Breakfast at a hotel. Jeeping. An unforgettable trip by best off-roaders to cozy corners of Krasnaya Polyana environs. Sharp slopes and climbings, crossing of raucous streams and rivers, coming to Alpine meadows, guided by experienced instructors. A cook will make wonderful shashlyk and trout soup for you during the trip. Height of 2000 meters, stunning silence, somnolent cool of sparkling snow, left from spring. In the evening: sauna, dinner. After an exciting and hard day it’s time to think about body relaxation. Sauna, in which you are going to spend the evening, is famous far beyond Krasnaya Polyana. Here, in a tea room, you can share your impressions of the programme, decide what will be interesting for you in the future, and spend some time talking and tasting honey of different tastes, Alpine herbs tea, home beer and "grandpa" liqueurs. Here lavish dinner is waiting for you after sauna. Dinner at a hotel.

Day 3: No matter what time you wake up, your breakfast is ready. Transfer to the sea shore, yacht trip (3 hours) along the sea coast, beer & sandwiches aboard, transfer to the airport.

Program 3: «Extreme week-end» — Sochi

2 nights/3 days

Day 1: Arrival to Sochi, transfer to a hotel, accommodation at a hotel at the sea shore, meeting with guides, presentation of the programme. A trip to the Akhun mountain (630 meter above sea level). Its observatory tower (30 m) provides a panoramic view of night Sochi with its environs in the sunlight of the sun, declining to the sea. Dinner at restaurant «Georgian Tavern».

Day 2: Breakfast at a hotel, transfer to Krasnaya Polyana. Programme: visit to a bee-farm, tasting of mountain honey with pancakes and medovukha, transfer to a ski resort along a rope way to the Aibga Range (2240 m), excellent view of surrounding mountains, coming down to the Mzymta river, preparations for rafting. Rafting 7 km. A mountain river is not to be conquered by anyone. Only a strong, close-knit team can accomplish a route with lots of rapids, sharp turnings and rocky cliffs. Outdoor picnic at the finish. A cook welcomes you with Caucasian dishes. Activities: bikes, horses, badminton, volleyball, football, rifle room (rifle, darts, gun). Departure for the coast, dinner at a hotel.

Day 3: Breakfast at a hotel. Yacht trip along the sea coast, swimming in the open Black sea, beer & fruit aboard. Transfer to the airport.

Program 4: “Djitaku — the valley of lakes”

4 nights/5 days, tracking tour (55 km)

Day 1: Meeting at the Adler airport at 4 p.m. Transfer to Krasnaya Polyana. Accommodation at a hotel or a cottage. Meeting with guides, presentation of the programme. Tea with cakes. Preparations for walking tour: hanidng out of outfit, food, safety training. Dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast at a cottage. A trip to the Pikhtovaya Polyana. Rising to the height of 1800 m (10 km 2 hours) by a cross-country vehicle. One-hour climbing along a mountain trail to the Bzerpsky Karniz (2000 m). You will enjoy an excellent view of the Main Caucausian Range and its spurs and Krasnaya Polyana from the passage. Coming out to Alpine meadows with amazingly beautiful flowers and herbs. Walking along the Pseashkho valley to the mouth of the Pslukh river — Pseashkho passage — 30 minutes. Crossing of the watershed of the Main Caucausian Range and coming out to the Maloje lake (60x60 m). You can swim in the lake. Camping arrangements. Field lunch and dinner. Sleeping in tents.

Day 3: Walking tour along Alpine meadows to the valley of lakes (there are 7 lakes), (3 km, 1 hour). A part of the route goes along snow fields. Height is 2000 m above sea level. In several hours you will reach the goal of the tour: several lakes, located not far from each other, attract with their virginity and beauty. Walking to Kholodny camp — 30 minutes. Here you can enjoy a splendid view of the Kholodny glacier. Coming back to the Bzerpsky Karniz — 2 hours. The group arranges a camp. Field meals 3 times. Arrangement of basic camp at the shore of the lake, firewood provision. Sleeping in tents.

Day 4: Breakfast. Radial coming out to the peak of the Bzerpy (2.5 hours). Disarrangement of camp. Wonderful panoramic view of the Main Caucasian Range peaks. Along a mountain trail the group comes down to the place, where a car is waiting. Exciting coming down along a mountain serpentine road to Krasnaya Polyana. Coming back to the cottage.

Day 5: Rest in Krasnaya Polyana. Visiting a bee-farm with tasting mountain honey. Departure to the sea.

In general, the area is safe for any tour. All routes have certificates of conformity with personal safety requirements and approved by the Russian Ministry for emergency situations. Guides leading the groups en route have accomplished professional training and have safety systems.

Personal outfit recommendations:
a walking tour implies overcoming of natural obstacles such as river and stream crossing, mountain climbing and coming down, walking in uninhabited areas in rainy weather. Taking into account above mentioned conditions we suggest you a list of outfit, which in our point of view is required for a walking tour: shoes, sneakers, inner soles, sandals, baseball cap, goggles in a case, warm gloves, warm jacket, T — shirt, shirt, storm suit, weatherproof jacket, woollen and cotton socks, shorts, torch, knife, sport suit, personal care items and bathing suit, personal first-aid set.
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