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ENSochiActive restOne day adventure tours 
       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

Program 1: «Search for a Hidden Treasure»

An exciting adventure in one of the exotic Sochi environs. Basic location: Krasnaya Polyana neighbourhood. Goals: using team efforts to overcome a number of artificial and natural obstacles to reach the main aim, to become acquainted with sights of Krasnaya Polyana, where the training takes place, and, certainly, to build up team skills. The programme is a perfect contribution to team building.

Members of the group meet at the hotel. The goal is specified. Members are divided into smaller teams, which will search for a treasure. Required outfit is handed out. Search in accordance with the specified routes. Legends. The training consists of 3 or 4 stages; at each of them a group is given a clue for finding the next one. Teams gather in the point, specified in the legend. Discussion. Lunch-picnic Caucasian style. Coming back to the hotel.

Program 2: «Search for a hidden treasure «For adults only»

Group meets with guides of the programme. Presentation of the idea. Goal and search location is specified. Instructions. Required outfit is handed out. In addition to the route, a group is to select vehicles. UAZ, offroad cars Gaz 66, horses, mountain bikes, quad and… a helicopter is available!!! With one provision: each vehicle can be used only once!

Each stage of the programme consists of some obstacles to overcome: rope ladder, suspension girders, balance-wheel, shooting gallery. The programme ends with traditional Caucasian picnic.

Program 3: Jeeping Tour

Meeting at the hotel. Getting into cars, handing out of maps, following the route with obstacles: bridges, suspension cables with beams, rope ladders... Jeeping is running a route with use of UAZ (customers drive). A map and a compass is available. Members are to follow their route following the direction stated on the map. There true and false keys on the map. Task: to keep to the route and get exactly to the clearing, where a picnic is prepared for the members. Picnic: grilled pig, goat shulyum, shashlyk or Uzbec plov, shurpa...

Program 4: Akh-Tsu Mountain Climbing

An unprecedented run at a rocky area of the Akh-Tsu Gorge. A deserted road, rocks, a mountain river. Goal: to come down to the river using several rope routes. Coming along rocks, wood, crossing the river using suspension cable over the river, rope ladder. Below, on the opposite bank of the river, a traditional lunch waits for our team: fresh meat, wine...

Program 5: «An Adventure in a Cave»

Transfer from the hotel to the Vorontsovsky Caves. The route starts with «Hard-To-Get Path». Narrow manhole in the upper part of a large cave. Team members use a roller cable to get over the whole cave to the opposite wall, then come down from it using a rope. Crossing underground river canyon: narrow manholes, rocks, river, waterfalls, ruins… Small lunch outside the cave. Coming back to the hotel.

Program 6: «Rope Course»

A run takes place in an obstacle area at a specially prepared clearing at the bank of a mountain river. Departure from the hotel by offroad cars. Training stages: rope ladder, rope bridge, monkey bridge, roller cable, mountain bikes road, jeeping route, shooting gallery. Entertainment: visit to mineral springs, horse-riding, a traditional Caucasian picnic. Coming back to the hotel.

In general, the area is safe for any tour. All routes have certificates of conformity with personal safety requirements and approved by the Russian Ministry for emergency situations. Guides leading the groups en route have accomplished professional training and have safety systems.
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