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ENSochiActive restOlympic Games 
       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

Whatever you do during the programm, everything will be turned into a competition. A trip along a mountain road, dinner in a restaurant, skiing, fishing... everything will be filled with excitement and spirit of a friendly contest. Each evening we will announce the winners. This will enhance a team spirit and will try to find out a hidden potential of your employees and team members. During first two days participants will build up some skills which are to be used and showed on the last day.

Day 1: Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Krasnaya Polyana. May be someone will get a bonus this day, the one who will be the first to set his foot on Sochi’s shore, or the one who will be the first to receive his luggage, or the one who can tell what churchkhela is. Accomodation at a hotel. Here suprises are also waiting! Someone will get into a leader’s suite, another one will be given an open account in the bar of the hotel. A party in the bar: dinner, karaoke, dancing.

Day 2: Mountain skills and survival basics training: rafting, mountain river crossing, jeeping, mountain bikes, horses. The programme takes place at a small spot near the river, the site is arranged as a camp. Here is where a traditional Caucausian picnic is prepared: shulyum (goat soup), shashlyk, pickles, vegetables, fruit, drinks. In the evening: a small party with a fire, guitar, games and prizes.

Day 3: A trip by offroad cars to the Vorontsovsky Caves environs: acquitance with mountain climbing, canyoning, cavering. A lunch in the meadows at the bank of the river: trout soup (ukha), trout in foil, shashlyk, fruit, vegetables, drinks. Health center. Sauna. Preparations for the competition.

Day 4: Programme: "Survive and win". Division into teams, handing out of maps and necessary outfit. The route is a route in the mountains with obstacles. The task is to reach the peak and fire a torch... The route is a path of 6-10 km length with elevation difference of 1300 m; all members of a team are going together in accordance with a ‘legend’ (map, orienteering...) Stages of the route: jeeping, making a temporary bridge across the river, obstacle area (monkey bridge, rope-ladder, spider’s web, hillocks, balance-wheel, etc.), going up a mountain without a road along the azimuth line (rockslides, rocks, windbreak, thicket, streams, etc.), mountain climbing, mountain bike, horses, coming to the peak and hoisting a team’s flag. Encampment and lunch cooking (in the form of a relay). Coming down a canyon with outfit. Each team receives points for accomplishment of each stage of the competition. Members will be transported to the final site of the programme by a helicopter. Upon completion of the programme all members will enjoy real Uzbec plov, tea at the height of 2000 m, meeting with an illusionist, hoisting of the company’s flag. In the evening: a programme in a restaurant center “Piramida” near a lake with trout, awarding of winners, music, champagne, fireworks. Banquet.

Day 5: Transfer to the sea-shore. Leaving.
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