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       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

A pleasure for those who escaped from a hot city to the coolness of mountains wonderful views of mountain peaks and spurs, an offroad trip by a Russian offroad car will inspire an adventurous mood in you, not to mention the delight, which our original picnic will make you feel...

Choice of Picnics:
  • Traditional Caucasian picnic: shashlyk, shulyum (goat broth), wine, chacha, pickles, fruit, honey, tea
  • Traditional fish picnic: ukha (fish soup), trout, baked in foil, slightly salted traut, caviar, wine, beer, honey, tea, fruit.
  • Exotic Oriental picnic: shurpa, festive plov, tea, Oriental sweets, beer, fruit.

Equipment: tables, benches, chargrills, sun and windproof tents (if necessary), sport games.

Program 1: Picnic in the Navalishensky canyon

Location: the Navalishennsky canyon, valley of the Vostochnaya Khosta river. 15 km from Khosta.

A restaurant in the shadow of millenary yew trees and boxwood, where the river comes out of the calcareous canyon. Gorgeous mountains, sound of the river, sophisticated cuisine, live music. Caucasian patskha, sauna, billiard. An ideal place for customers, who do not wish to “come away from asphalt”

10:00 Departure from the hotel by PAZ, microbus.
11:00 Arrival to the location of the picnic.
18:00 Departure to the hotel.

  • The programme includes: beer and snacks, buffet, tea, picnic.
  • Activities: mountain bikes, karaoke, table tennis, darts, sport games, backgammon, chess.
  • A musician, an illusionist, a host-animator with competitions.

Program 2: Fishing at ponds of Achishkho range

Location: 1 km from Krasnaya Polyana; transfer by car to the foot of the Achishkho mountain. Height 1000 m above sea level.

There is no other dish that matches surrounding mountains better than shashlyk. But for real gourmets there are also trout dishes. This is an offer for romantic gourmets: you are going float-fishing at a mountain lake, reflections of mountain peaks are swiftly swinging in the lake water. You are surrounded by five peaks of the beautiful Aibga mountain; peaks of the Achishkho mountain range are behind you, at the distance you can see Pseashkho peaks of three thousand meter height. Unique relics of civilization history — dolmens of Krasnaya Polyana — are ten minutes by foot.

10:00 Departure from the hotel by an offroad car (transfer to Krasnaya Polyana by bus).
13:00 Picnic: ukha, trout in foil, pickles, shashlyk, wine, slightly salted trout, hot wine, tea, honey.
17:00 Coming back to the hotel.

  • Activities: fishing at ponds, horse-riding, mountain bikes, shooting range, darts. Buffet.

Program 3: The valley of the Shakhe mountain river

Location: Shakhe resort in Solokh-Aul is 20 km from Dagomys, 25 km from Sochi. It is an hour and a half by bus from Sochi. The valley of one of the largest rivers of the West Caucaus, the Shakhe River, which starts from the slopes of the Bolshaya Chura Mountain.

You will enjoy a splendid view of the river valley and surrounding mountain peaks from the road; we can stop on the way at a natural object — «Koryta at the West Dagomys River». Closed secured territory amounts to 4 ha. Separately standing two- and three-storeyed cottages, sauna, small beam tents (patskha), tennis and golf fields, open pools. The first tea plantation in Sochi, which was planted in 1902, is 100 m from the resort. A memorial house of the plantation founder I.A. Koshman is near it.

10:00 Departure from the hotel to Solokh-Aul. A stop can be made at the Dagomys river.
11:00 Arrival to the resort. Picnic.
17:00 Departure to the hotel.

  • Activities in the territory: Pool. Minigolf. Tennis. Trampolina. Shooting gallery. Karaoke. Sport games.
  • The programme includes: Tea. Sauna. A host-animator with competitions. Jeeping.

Program 4: Gourmet Tour

3 nights/4 days

The programme includes visits to most interesting restaurants of the resort, picnics in mountains, guided tours. Each meal will be absolutely new: dishes from Russian oven, Armenian tandyr, Uzbec plov, mountain trout, grilled pig, Abkhazian wine, shashlyk, shulym — and these are only some of dishes you are going to taste during the tour.

Day 1 Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Krasnaya Polyana. You will visit ethnographic complex “Amshensky Dvor” on the way to the hotel. Tasting of Armenian cuisine — matsoni, eka, chacha. Accomodation at the hotel of your choice. General presentation of the programme. Dinner in the best restaurant of the resort “Piramida”. Russia cuisine: shchi from Russian oven, pelmeny with caviar, porcini...

Day 2 Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to ski complex. A trip by cable way.
11:00 Walking tour along Alpine meadows
14:00 Transfer to the location of highland fishing. Fishing at ponds. Horse-riding, mountain bykes, shooting gallery, darts, karaoke, sport games.
Lunch is prepared from trout you caught — ukha, traut in foil, vegetables, pickles, slightly salted and smoked trout, red caviar, home-made wine, cognac. Uzbec cuisine: plov, tea, sweets. The performance of illusionist.
19:00 Banya in health complex “Banya Land”.
Dinner at a tavern Middle Ages style (French cuisine).

Day 3 Breakfast at the hotel. Ski complex.
14:00 A trip up the river valley. Visit to mineral springs, Caucausian picnic at a meadow on the bank of the river.
Traditional Caucausian picnic: pickles, vegetables, shashlyk, wine, chacha, shulyum (goat soup), grilled pig.
Activities: quad, horses, shooting gallery, sport games, fire, guitar.
18:00 Coming back to the hotel.
20:00 Dinner at a Greek tavern ‘Canyon’ — Greek music...

Day 4 Breakfast at the hotel. Visiting the bee-farm, tasting of Alpine honey, honey wine, Alpine herbal tea, pancakes. Transfer to the airport.
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