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ENSochiHow to get 
       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

Air Company “Aeroflot” opens a new direction Sochi-Frankfurt-Sochi starting the 7th of February, 2007. The flights on this itinerary will be carried out once a week, on Wednesday. Takeoff from Adler (Sochi’s airport) at 11.50 am, arrival to Frankfurt at 13.35 pm. Return takeoff from Frankfurt at 15.00 pm, arrival to Adler at 20.35 pm.

The opening of regular air communication between Frankfurt and Adler is connecting the actively developing resort with one of the first-rate traffic center of Europe. It will tell on the extension of the tourists (lead to the extension of the tourist flow) to the Black Sea coast, provide the steady increase of investment in this region and reinforce European’s interest in the south of Russia. Moreover, this recent innovation is going to heighten the interest to Sochi as a place for holding of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics 2014.

The new itinerary complete two already running everyday flights Moscow-Sochi-Moscow. Furthermore, starting the 15th of January 2007 daughter enterprise «Aeroflot-Don» realizes the regular flights Sochi-Istanbul and Sochi-Dubai.

Further to the Air Company “Aeroflot” that opened a new direction Sochi-Frankfurt-Sochi, the company Sky Express successfully completed the first flight to Sochi. The variety of choice gives an opportunity to travelers to feel free choosing Sochi as one of the most attractive region in Russia for business and incentive tourism.
Moreover, the advantage of the Sky Express offer is a price. The cost of the tickets is only 1ď072 RUB.
The flight Moscow-Sochi is carried out twice a day. Takeoff from Moscow (Vnukovo airport) at 7.50 am and 14.30 pm. Return takeoff from Adler (Sochi’s airport) at 17.45 pm and 11.05 am.

By plane

There are several flights a day from different Moscow airports: Sheremetyevo-1, Domodedovo and Vnukovo, and from Saint-Petersburg airport Pulkovo 1. Flight time between Moscow and Sochi is about 2 hours, and between Saint-Petersburg and Sochi is 3 hours. Also from the 7th of February the new direct flight from Europe (Frankfurt) to Sochi (Adler) is starting. Moreover guests from abroad can fly to Sochi through Istanbul (Turkey), or UAE (Dubai) or through Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. There are also flights from most of big cities in Russia.

The average prices for round trip from Moscow starting from 7ď144 RUB p.p., from Saint-Petersburg are from 11ď608 RUB p.p.

From Saint-Petersburg (Pulkovo 1 airport)

PL 66111-1514-35502 Febr23 March5
PL 66308-3011-50105 Febr05 Febr1
PL 66308-3011-50112 Febr19 March1
UT 47310-2013-203, 717 January21 March3, 7
PL — Pulkovo, UT — Utair

From Moscow (Sheremetievo 1 airport)

SU 86909-1511-45123456723 Dec06 Febr1234567
SU 86909-1511-4512456708 Febr23 Febr124567
SU 86907-1509-50624 Febr24 Febr6
SU 86909-1511-4512456725 Febr24 March124567
SU 86910-2512-50123456725 March31 May1234567
SU 86910-2512-50123456701 June16 Sept1234567
SU 86910-2512-50123456717 Sept27 Oct1234567
SU 87114-3016-55123456725 March18 May1234567
SU 87114-3016-55123456719 May31 May1234567
SU 87114-3016-55123456701 June15 Sept1234567
SU 87114-3016-55123456716 Sept27 Oct1234567
SU 87318-5021-251234501 Dec23 March12345
SU 87318-5521-25707 January11 Febr7
SU 87318-5521-25718 Febr18 Febr7
SU 87318-5521-25725 Febr18 March7
SU 87320-4023-0512345725 March26 Oct123457
SU 186907-1509-50307 Febr21 March3
SU — Aeroflot

From Moscow (Domodedovo airport)

NN 10517-4020-00714 January18 March7
NN 10518-2520-5014526 January23 March145
C7 102313-1015-20123456701 Febr28 Febr1234567
C7 102313-1015-20123456701 March09 March1234567
C7 102313-1015-20610 March10 March6
C7 102313-1015-20123456711 March24 March1234567
C7 102313-2515-35725 March25 March7
C7 102313-2515-3512345626 March31 March123456
C7 102313-2515-35123456701 April26 April1234567
C7 102313-2515-35527 April27 April5
C7 102313-2515-3516728 April30 April167
C7 102313-2515-35123401 May10 May1234
C7 102313-2515-3556704 May06 May567
C7 102313-2515-355611 May12 May56
C7 102313-2515-35713 May13 May7
C7 102313-2515-35123456714 May31 May1234567
C7 102313-2515-35123456701 June27 July1234567
C7 102313-2515-35123456728 July19 Aug1234567
C7 102313-2515-35123456720 Aug30 Sept1234567
C7 102313-2515-35123456701 Oct27 Oct1234567
C7 102508-4511-051234501 Febr23 March12345
C7 102508-4511-056703 Febr24 March67
C7 102507-5010-006725 March31 March67
C7 102507-5010-001234526 March30 March12345
C7 102507-5010-006701 April22 April67
C7 102507-5010-001234502 April26 April12345
C7 102507-5010-00527 April27 April5
C7 102507-5010-006728 April29 April67
C7 102507-5010-00130 April 30 April1
C7 102507-5010-00123401 May10 May1234
C7 102507-5010-00504 May04 May5
C7 102507-5010-006705 May06 May67
C7 102507-5010-00511 May11 May5
C7 102507-5010-006712 May22 July67
C7 102507-5010-001234514 May27 July12345
C7 102507-5010-006728 July19 Aug67
C7 102507-5010-001234530 July17 Aug12345
C7 102507-5010-001234520 Aug26 Oct12345
C7 102507-5010-006725 Aug27 Oct67
C7 102716-4519-05123401 Febr22 March1234
C7 102716-4519-05502 Febr23 March5
C7 102716-4519-056703 Febr24 March67
C7 102717-2519-456725 March31 March67
C7 102717-2519-45123426 March29 March1234
C7 102717-2519-45530 March30 March5
C7 102717-2519-456701 April22 April67
C7 102717-2519-45123402 April26 April1234
C7 102717-2519-45506 April20 April5
C7 102717-2519-45527 April27 April5
C7 102717-2519-456728 April29 April67
C7 102717-2519-45130 April30 April1
C7 102717-2519-45123401 May10 May1234
C7 102717-2519-45504 May04 May5
C7 102717-2519-456705 May06 May67
C7 102717-2519-45511 May27 July5
C7 102717-2519-456712 May22 July67
C7 102717-2519-45123414 May26 July1234
C7 102717-2519-456728 July19 Aug67
C7 102717-2519-45123430 July16 Aug1234
C7 102717-2519-45503 Aug17 Aug5
C7 102717-2519-45123420 Aug25 Oct1234
C7 102717-2519-45524 Aug26 Oct5
C7 102717-2519-456725 Aug27 Oct67
C7 104509-1511-25123456701 July30 Sept1234567
C7 104509-1511-25123456706 Oct07 Oct1234567
NN — VIM-airlines, C7 — Siberia

From Moscow (Vnukovo airport)

UT 24911-4013-4013617 January24 March136
3G 19316-0018-005731 Dec25 March57
UK 17817-2019-402505 January23 March25
3P 55518-3520-45135708 Dec23 March1357
OP 92519-3022-00512 January23 March5
OP 92515-0517-30704 Febr04 Febr7
OP 92515-0517-30718 Febr18 Febr7
OP 92515-0517-30704 March04 March7
OP 92515-0517-30718 March18 March7
SE 22107-5010-05123456730 January24 March1234567
SE 22314-3016-45123456729 January24 March1234567
SE –Sky Express, UT — Utair, OP — GazPromAvia, UK — KubanAirlines, 3P — Moscovia, 3G — AtlantSouz

From Frankfurt (Frankfurt 1)

SU 10415-0020-35307 Febr31 March3

Note: Published schedule can be changed without prior notification.
1-Mon, 2-Tue, 3-Wed, 4-Thu, 5-Fri, 6-Sat, 7-Sun.

By train

There are several daily trains from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Train trip from Moscow to Sochi lasts from 27 hours (the fastest train) to 39 hours, from Saint-Petersburg to Sochi it takes from 43 hours till 49 hours. There are also trains from almost all cities in Russia. There's been a talk about extending Rostov-Berlin train route to Sochi.

The average prices for round trip for 2nd class (4 persons in one compartment) are: from Moscow — from 5ď715 RUB p.p., from Saint-Petersburg — from 6ď787 RUB p.p. For 1st class (2 persons in one compartment) are: from Moscow — from 14ď287 RUB p.p., from Saint-Petersburg — from 18ď752 RUB p.p.

From Saint-Petersburg (Moskovsky railway station)

TrainDepartureArrivalDaysTime in way
035A*16-3310-36even42h 03min
293A20-3220-17odd47h 45min
 * — superior train

From Moscow (Kazansky railways station)

TrainDepartureArrivalDaysTime in way
102E08-1011-4711.02-11.03 Odd27h 37min
104M*09-2112-57123456728h 13min
0124*22-3506-09123456731h 34min
102M8-1011-0607.02,09.0226h 56 min
 * — superior train

From Moscow (Kursky railways station)

TrainDepartureArrivalDaysTime in way
023C16-5106-34Odd37h 43min
075C18-0408-4408.02, 12.02, 16.0238h 40min

Note: Published schedule can be changed without prior notification.
1-Mon, 2-Tue, 3-Wed, 4-Thu, 5-Fri, 6-Sat, 7-Sun.

By ferry or hydrofoil

The seaport of Sochi is located in the city centre and serves both passenger and cargo ships. There is a direct sea connection with Turkey and Georgia. There is a ferry to Trabson and a ferry and a hydrofoil (not always) to Istanbul (about 12 hours) once a week. The ferry and hydrofoil to Georgia goes one-three times a week. The schedule information changes very often and is available upon request.
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