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ENSochiSightseeingCity tour, Stalinís Dacha 
       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  


Duration: 3 hours
Car: included
Guide: included

During this excursion you will get to know history of the city, see all popular pleasure resorts, such as theatres, museums, historical objects of culture, parks and public gardens. Then you will visit Stalinís Dacha and see first-hand the surrounding of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. A guide will tell you the history of that place; you will be guided along an interesting route and told many episodes from the leaderís life. In summer time after excursion you will be offered to have a picnic on Stalinís meadow with traditional Georgian cuisine and the leaderís favorite vines.

The place where Stalin's dacha was founded in 1937, was and still very famous. It is located between Agura Canyon and Matsesta valley. A stupendous breath-taking view opens from here on the fabulous snowy peaks of the Main Caucasian Mountain Range. The sea, the mountains, the intricate landscape, unique mountain air to revel in, watching the sunset over the mountains and the sun glistening on the waves — all this produces an indelible impression.

In the 30-ies and 40-ies this place was meant for the top leaders of the state and the party, heads of socialist countries. it is not without reason that Stalin's former dacha (cottage) is located at "Zelenaya Roscha", — as the energizing nature and the healing waters have always attracted people with their wonderful qualities and favourable effects, however only the elite was allowed to enjoy these gifts of nature.

The time of Stalin's rule was a large period in our history, therefore his dacha (cottage) has been preserved intact — as it used to be when he was alive. Both the exterior and interior decorations have been kept unchanged. There you will see his writing table, carpets he used to walk on, family photos, leather divan, a fire-place. Stalin frequented this place mainly in autumn, whereas his family, as a rule, would come here in summer. In the museum on the ground floor there is a wax-modelled monument of the leader — he is sitting at the table in his high-necked tunic, holding a pipe in his hand. Stalin's famous divan, made to his order, billiard table, his personal belongings — due to all this you dive into the atmosphere of the 30-ies, becoming aware of the former grandeur of that time.

It is a real pleasure to take a walk along the paths of the resort. It is fantastic, that such a walk along not only enables you to enjoy the clearest air and the beauties of nature, but also to be transferred from one epoch to another. You can start off the modern hotel complex, and than, having passed one hundred meters, find your self in the 30-ies, in dwelling place of Soviet leaders. The filling of "crossing the border of time" leaves an overwhelming impression.

A lot of Russian and foreign holiday-makers and political leaders come here every year for excursion and having rest.
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