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ENSt.PetersburgBoat and yacht rentMotor yacht rentPrincess 
       St.Petersburg 5°C / 41°F  

Business Travel Group offers you one of the best motor yachts which you can rent in North-West of Russia.


Prices are valid from 20.04.2007 till 10.11.2007 

Price per yacht in RUB
BTG rate
1 hour
24 hours

Note: All published prices are valid in case of 100% prepayment. All published prices are net in RUB. All published prices include VAT. All published prices can be changed without prior notification. The reservation should be made in advance but not later than 7 working days. Free cancellation is available 7 working days in advance. Late cancellation — 100% of above mentioned rates. Minimum order is 1 hour. The rent includes: the usage of the yacht and equipment, cost of captains labour, petrol cost for 4 hour trip, bringing the yacht to the city centre. If you would like to rent the yacht for more than 4 hours, there would be an additional charge of 3572 RUB per hour for extra petrol.

Technical characteristics

  • Year — 2000 (UK)
  • Length — 18,81 m
  • Width — 4,8 m
  • High — 5 m
  • Draught — 1,2 m
  • Speed — 34-37 knots
  • The crew — 2 people.
  • The number of passengers for the day trip — 14-16
  • The number of passengers for more than 1 day trip — 6-8
  • The area coverage is unlimited

For the most comfort of your journey the yacht is equipped with:

  • large salon with leather sofas, cherry wood tables, audio and video (DVD, karaoke)
  • the upper deck also has sofas and barbeque equipment
  • there is a separate fully equipped kitchen: electrical oven, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, ice-maker, washing machine.
  • for the long trip there are 3 comfortable rooms with on-suite bathrooms
  • hot water and climate-control is installed in all
  • latest satellite navigation

The route program of each trip is tailor maid to your taste and wishes:

  • Possible routes: the trip along the Niva river and its bridges day and night time, Gulf of Finland, journey to Petrodvorez (The palace of Petre the Great) — 2-3 hours, Ctrelna, Viborg, Priozersk (Lake district), Petrozavodsk, Old and New Ladoga, Upper Mandrogi, Lodeinoe field, trip to the Valaam island — 24 hours, Kizhi island, trip to Oreshek fortress — 5 hours, excursion to Gogland island — 8-12 hours, Kotlin island (Kronshtadt town) (fort Alexander, fort N4, fort N5, Obruchevs fort, Totleben), fishing trip on Ladozhskoe and Onezhskoe lakes.
  • Route St. Petersburg — Helsinki — St. Petersburg — 2 days
  • Route St. Petersburg — Stockholm — St. Petersburg — 3 days
  • Route St. Petersburg — Kotka — St. Petersburg — 2 days
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