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ENSt.PetersburgSightseeingCity tour 1 
       St.Petersburg 5°C / 41°F  

Duration: 3 hours
Working hours: -
Closed on: -
Car: tourist class included
Guide: included
Entrance tickets: included

This tour is ideal to get in touch with the city, its historical centre and major monuments. St. Petersburg also has the name of Venice of the North due to numerous canals, islands and bridges that were built to drain the land and to direct the Neva River. Luxury and technical sophistication used during the construction, and the wealth of the tsar’s court can be seen in numerous palaces and theatres. Luxurious and majestic facades decorate the broad streets, here known as prospects (“prospekti”), crossed with rivers and canals. We will see the Nevsky Prospect with its prestigious buildings: The Anichkov Palace, Belozersky’s Palace, the Kazan Cathedral, and Eliseev supermarket… We will cross the Fontanka, the river that crosses the city center, and also the Moyka River and the Griboyedov Canal. The well-known cathedral of the Saviour on Blood is located on the Griboyedov Canal. It is the original example of the Russian style with its multicoloured gold onion domes. The Winter Palace (now the Hermitage Museum), which was a residence of tsars, controls the Neva River from its north facade. The Peter and Paul Fortress is on the other side of the river. We will visit the Aurora Cruiser; shots of its guns started the Russian revolution. On this side of the Neva are the spit of the Vasilievsky Island, the Menshikov Palace, and the State University on the Vasilievsky Island. We will pass by the Admiralty with its original gold broach that is a symbol of the Russian sea force, on which Peter the Great wanted to base his empire. We will see the statue before the building of the Senate and St. Isaac’s Cathedral with its big columns, made from Finnish red granite. Then there are the buildings of the Philarmony and the Mariinsky Theatre on the Theatre Square. And in conclusion we will see the Church of St. Nicholas, surrounded by canals.
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