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ENMoscowSightseeingCity tour, Kremlin Cathedrals 
       Moscow 2°C / 36°F  


Duration: 5 hours
Car: included
Guide: included

City tour

This is an ideal variant to get in touch with the city, its historical centre and major monuments. We will walk along the broad streets such as famous Tverskaya street, we will get to the Red Square, which has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and is named for its surrounding buildings made from red bricks: the History Museum, the Kremlin walls, and St. Basil’s Cathedral with its famous onion domes, which was built on the order of Ivan the Terrible. Red Square is also home to the Lenin Mausoleum, and the Red Army marches there on various holidays throughout the year. Close by are the Bolshoi Theatre, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, the noble edifice of Lubyanka, KGB headquarters, and the small churches of Kitai-gorod. We will also explore streets on the bank of the Moscow River, as well as see the Parliament, Duma and White House, Olympic stadium, and Sparrow Hills, home to the Stalin-era skyscraper of Moscow State University is. Then we will see Arbat Street, the favourite meeting place of Muscovites and the thoroughfare which is the heart of the ancient city centre.

Kremlin and Cathedrals

The word “Kremlin” in Russian means fortress. In early Rus every town had a fortress where the main buildings, churches and cathedrals were. The Moscow fortress, the cradle of the city, is the main fortress in the country and it has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It was built in XII century, but it took its modern form only in XV century and now it serves as an excellent reflection of different stages of Russian art, a single monumental centre of architecture, painting, decorative and applied arts. The best craftsmen and artists worked in its churches, cathedrals and palaces, leaving us priceless works. The power and fame of Russia is concentrated on its streets. Even at the present time, they are all main organs of religion and political government: the President’s Palace, different administrative and military buildings such as the Senate and Armoury, and also numerous churches and cathedrals. Its walls tower above the Moscow River and Red Square and are made from 8 kg bricks (the height is 5-19 meters and width 2235 m). We will visit the fortress to enjoy the view of the world’s biggest "Tsar-bell," melted in 1733 and the "Tsar-gun", which is one of the biggest guns in the world that has ever been made, melted in 1586 by Andrew Chokhov. Its purpose was to defend the gate of the Spasskaya, but it has never been used. To conclude, we will cross the Cathedral Square, surrounded by the Dormition Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Annunciation and the Cathedral of the Archangel.
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