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       Sochi 13°C / 55°F  

Sochi is the southern capital of Russia

If you traveled in Russia a lot and visited St.Petersburg, Moscow, Golden Ring and Transsibirian railway and want to learn about Russia something new, then go to Sochi! Sochi is the modern resort where Russian elite is aspiring for many years. And today Sochi is one of the attractive destinations for international business tourism. Sochi is the host city for Winter Olympic Games in 2014.

Sochi is the southern city of Russia which stretches along the Black Sea coast approximately on the same latitude as Varna (Bulgary), Boston (USA), Toronto (Canada), Sapporo (Japan), Shenyang (China) and the famous French Riviera.

300 sunny days a year make Sochi one of the warmest cities in the Black Sea coast. Winter is hardly known here. That is why Sochi is called the city of three seasons (Spring-Summer-Autumn). Sochi has a unique northern subtropical climate. It is one of the very few places in the world that offers you the opportunity to get a beautiful sun tan in the morning and go skiing in the afternoon.

Sochi offers you exquisite Caucasian and Russian cuisine, hospitality of native inhabitants, warm sea, palms and glaciers, alpine meadows and mountain peaks, high mountainous lakes and waterfalls uniting with good infrastructure and European service. Probably because of that the President of Russian Federation has one of his official residences in Sochi where he spends his holidays and organizes international summits.

We are glad to offer you the organization of your business, incentive or leisure trip to Sochi at any level and scale.

Best time for
Business tripsSeptember-May
Leisure tripsEnd of May-end of October
Treatment & wellnessAutumn, winter and spring
Swimming5 months, June-October
Average air temperature in summer is +26.5°C, water is +24.5°C
Skiing in Red Meadow resort6 months, December-May, active season is January-April
Average temperature in mountains is +2°C…0°C
Average winter temperature is +9°C…+10°C

SOCHI 2014

04.07.2007 We did it!

The International Olympic Committee elects Sochi as the host city of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014.
That was the decision announced on the 4th of July in Guatemala. The vote went to the 2nd round and Sochi eventually came through after Salzburg was eliminated in the first round, followed by Pyeongchang in the second.

Set in a spectacular location, on the coast of the Black Sea and at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains in southern Russia, Sochi was vying for the opportunity to invite the world to a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of winter sport at the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The Sochi 2014 Winter Games would serve as a gateway to the future for Russia, opening unprecedented opportunities for the development of winter sport, reinvigorating the entire Sochi region and bringing to life the spirit of Olympism for millions of Russian citizens.

Welcome to Sochi 2014 — Our Gateway to the Future

22.06.2006 Sochi was registered as one of three candidates for holding the Olympic Winter Games in 2014.
The Executive committee of International Olympic Committee announced about registration of Sochi as one of three candidates for holding Olympic Winter Games in 2014 hand in hand with Austrian Salzburg and Korean Pyeongchang.

Sochi is proud to be bidding to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. The bid is supported by the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Federation Government.
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